The Start of Another Trip Around the Sun

2017 is now here, and I hope everyone had a great Holiday Season.  I also hope all have a fantastic New Year, and that it is getting off with a bang.

Yes, I have not been very diligent  with my updates, but I will now remedy this.  It is my plan to do weekly updates, but we shall see.

People have often asked me, what is the best camera?  My reply has been, what ever you have in your hand, though I think I heard this from or read this somewhere else.  To whit, here we are.


The Only Constant, is Change

My Alma mater is going through a growing phase that has been going on for nearly a decade.  The last of the big dorms to be torn down was the first dorm I lived in during my undergrad.  Many called it the prison due to it’s cinder block construction, a 60s design.  I am not wailing or gnashing my teeth, just witnessing a milestone, and rebirth of the campus.  The only constant is change.