The Only Constant, is Change

My Alma mater is going through a growing phase that has been going on for nearly a decade.  The last of the big dorms to be torn down was the first dorm I lived in during my undergrad.  Many called it the prison due to it’s cinder block construction, a 60s design.  I am not wailing or gnashing my teeth, just witnessing a milestone, and rebirth of the campus.  The only constant is change.




Waiting for a do over

There is a bit of majesty, surreality, and sorrow in the photos.  As with many for steele cities of the US, blight is a major problem.  At one time, these were peoples homes, and businesses.  This is in no way a complete record of the area, just a little taste.  I took these photos to both document the blight, and how far along the eradication process is.