Hmmmm, I have no idea

A friend says each of my blogs should have a theme.  I said, they do,  photography.



Waiting for a do over

There is a bit of majesty, surreality, and sorrow in the photos.  As with many for steele cities of the US, blight is a major problem.  At one time, these were peoples homes, and businesses.  This is in no way a complete record of the area, just a little taste.  I took these photos to both document the blight, and how far along the eradication process is.



It is a cold, blustery day here.  In fact, they have all but said, YOU WILL DIE, if you go outside.  So, what is a snow bound person to do, but review photos and see what the eye catches.  This post is a mix of new and old photos ( I will let you figure it out).

A New Years in New York


A New Year’s Eve spent in NyC, was a tradition of myself, my brother-in-Law, and a best friend (business partner, and fellow photographer)  For almost a decade we would leave home about 1600hrs., and arrive around 2200hrs.  Park, and prepare to walk our path all over New York for hours.  Around 0600hrs., we would find the car.  Drive out as far as we could, which always seemed to be to the Clinton Diner, in Clinton New Jersey.  Eat, chat, climb back in the car, and pass out (from being tired).  Awake, drive home, and wait until next New Years.  These photos are from various trips up.


Pittsburgh, Pa.

I have been in and out of Pittsburgh, Pa. for more than 20 years, and have a love hate relationship with the place.  When I worked for a major local bank, I hated the place, and I understood why people called it “Pitts”burgh; I thought the place sucked, and it did.  BUT, almost 30 years later, it has gone through an amazing transformation.  I rather like Pittsburgh.